The Agency

Bracco Immobiliare was born in 1995 on the initiative of the geometry Roberto Bracco. It is today one of the most significant and prestigious realities of the province of Savona (inland and riviera) and Southern Piedmont (Langhe, Monferrato and Roero). It can rely on in-depth knowledge of the territory, on important references, on valid human relationships, to which a PLUS can be added for  the collaboration with other valued professionals. It is able to satisfy the needs of a national and international market increasingly interested in our territorial reality.

We are a dynamic entity that wanted to overcome the traditional brokerage figur and be a service structure capable of providing full and timely support to the real estate field - technical, legal, economic and financial - maintaining alive and pulsing a very important aspect in our point of view: human contact.

Further more,  all the  years of experience, investment, training, professional qualification, continuous pursuit of excellence with one goal: customer satisfaction.

Surveyor Roberto Bracco is registered in the section of Real Estate Agents of R.E.A at the Chamber of Commerce of Savona, as well as the special role of Experts and Experts in real estate valuations of the CCIAA of Savona. He has also been in the past, provincial President of F.I.A.I.P. (Italian Federation of Real Estate Professionals).

Your real estate agency for Liguria and Southern Piedmont.


Free property evaluation

Evaluation is a crucial step in the buying and selling process. A proper estimate of the market value of the asset eliminates unnecessary and inconvenient loss of time for seller and buyer, avoids the prospect of potential buyers, and also avoids generating a non-positive property advertisement resulting in a loss of credibility .

It is also a certainty that the more a property remains on the market, the more it weakens its position, resulting in the seller's economic damage.

Technical-legal assistance

Planned layouts, cadastral views, cadastral plans, mortgages, documentation on the origin of the property, verifications of the regularity of the property and the provision of various services (water, light, water purification, etc.) Design (if required) and support in formulating budget estimates for any restructuring work

Financial assistance

Analysis of the financing needed for the purchase, research Credit institutions that can offer the best market conditions and calculation of monthly installments.


Presence at the very first places on the national and international market thanks to the use of the most advanced promotion and presentation technology for the sale.

Existing customer portfolios

Information about the territory

The Ligurian Riviera, also known as "Riviera dei Fiori" or "Riviera delle Palme", ​​is the coastal area bathed by the Ligurian Sea, characterized by jagged coastlines, flooded with the sun and adorned with palm trees and flowers and typical seaside villages immersed in the scrub Mediterranean, with the old fishermen's houses leaning against each other and separated by narrow carruggi (alleyways).

Going back to the hinterland, through the silvery expanse of olive trees and the villages clung to the hills between the green of the woods of the Ligurian Apennines, you reach the fertile South-Piedmont countryside best known as "Langhe" for a part of the territory and "Monferrato" for another part.

The Langhe are made up of a group of hills with sharp edges marked by deep valleys, parallel, excavated by streams, between the Tanaro River through the Ligurian Apennine and the Bormida River, ranging from 350 to 800 meters in altitude. They are known for their high quality products such as: wine, mushrooms, truffles, hazelnuts and enogastronomic culture in general, a small universe with infinite surprises, discovered and known living in contact with people and nature.

The Monferrato is an area rich in history located in the heart of Piedmont, between the hills of Turin and the Po to the north and the Ligurian Apennines to the south. The north is characterized by sweet and rounded hills with an average height of 350 meters. To the south there is a harshest landscape, characterized by more impressive heights. Wherever you look, you can see vineyards stretching in their various varieties generating a rich and valuable winery production known all over the world (Barolo, Nebbiolo, Arneis, Barbera, Grignolino, Brachetto d'Acqui, Moscato, Dolcetto etcc .).

And it is in these extraordinary and unique lands, ranging from the sea to the countryside and the lakes, where our Real Estate Agency operates.

Home is where the heart is.

There is a home suitable for every person, we can help you find yours.


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